Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow? - Update

It is very rewarding to watch things growing in the garden!

These were images from the garden taken on 27th April when plants were just starting to grow.

Then in May we had those frosts and everything was covered up.

Now... now the harvesting is starting!

We've already had about 2kg of potatoes, 600g of carrots, and over 1kg of strawberries so far, plus numerous bowls of salad leaves, and herbs to flavour all our cooking.

I've got no less than 20 tomato plants which have kind of taken over the patio, and my cabbages look like triffids!

Moneymaker tomatoes, peppers (in the black grow sack) and salad leaves (in the little pots). My yummy strawberries are in the background in front of the towering crocosmia:

moneymaker tomatoes peppers and salad leaves
Looking towards the house from next to the trampline. At the front of the image on the right is my birthday blueberry bush from Sheila, a cherry tomato plant (with the cane) then broccoli and cabbages under a net. Next is the remains of the first 2 rows of carrots, then more cabbages\;

Our pink fir apple potatoes! The plants are growing well but sadly I ran out of soil to bank them up much so I am afeared there will only be a handful of potatoes on each one. My courgettes are behind them - and then some more cabbages (just to the left of the levitating watering can!):

Triffid cabbages on the left of the image, and then of course more cherry tomato plants!

More cherry tomato plants interspersed with french bean plants (which have grown up to and over the hanging basket as well as in through the gap in the back door!!)

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