Saturday, July 03, 2010

Water Fights and Stary Nights

At the weekend we started the celebrations for William's 8th birthday.

His actual birthday was on Sunday but Josh was out most of the day at Celebration Surrey event where SAVVY where performing.

That's Josh on the far left of the picture - shades on of course!

Actually it was so very hot - being the hottest day that we'd had of this warm weather - that they came home from the event earlier than we had expected.

We invited some friends over and we had a bring and share kind of birthday meal for William.

On Monday morning we packed everything up and went over to my Mum's. She's got a big garden - and isn't on a water meter like us - so William was able to have a water fight for his birthday! He'd got lots of water pistols for his birthday - which is what he'd wanted - and we told everyone to bring a change of clothes.

A friend lent us their 12ft paddling pool too which we filled up for the kids to play in.

Photos to follow soon, but suffice to say a good (wet!) time seemed to be had by all.

William seemed to like his cake - he'd asked for a Tardis Cake.. between the heat and trying to stack up slices of gluten free cake, the thing didn't want to stand up, so our Tardis was post-crash-landing in Amy Pond's garden!

Josh and Jonathan used to be with Scallywags but, though Josh had some castings and one job out of them, we didn't feel they were right for us. We've had conditional offers for both the boys now from Chilli Kids so this week we sorted out professional photographs to send for their portfolios.

I know I'm biased, but... I think they are gorgeous!

This week Josh got to go with SAVVY to the Globe Theatre to see the performance of Midsummer Night's Dream (which he is performing in next week).

It sounds like, despite the standing, they all had a great time and it really helped to bring the characters to life for them all.

Roarke met Josh outside the Globe to come home with him and they got in around 11.15pm.

We moved Jonathan's bed around yesterday and took the bed guards off from the side so last night was his first night without them. Despite now being able to climb in and out of bed easily, he didn't get out of bed once we left his room after his bedtime stories, and when we went up to bed we didn't (as we'd half expected to) find him in our bed. He fell out once in the night, that was all, so all in all I think he did rather well!

Talking of doing rather well, he took only one day to get the hang of the potty, and only had a few accidents. Week two since starting potty training and we've had no accidents at all. He is even using the potty for "number twos". On top of that he's also learnt to use the toilet standing up like a big boy - and again, we've had no accidents and not even any drips on the floor! Interestingly, since we started potty training he has only used his night time pull ups three times - the rest of the nights he has been dry.

Roarke went to the specialist this week for a chat about the results that have come back from his various tests including the MRI. We were rather shocked to be told that he appears to have osteoarthritis. Bearing in mind he also has gout - which is the most painful form of arthritis - already, this was a blow. We believe in a God who heals, therefore the challenge for us now is not to focus on what is true (that he has bulging discs, bad joints etc) but to focus on The Truth - that by His stripes we have been healed (Isaiah 53:5).

These are interesting times!

This weekend we will be celebrating Roarke's birthday and we've got some friends coming over this evening. For now, I'm enjoying a rare moment of piece and quiet before everyone gets up...


Fiona Nicholson said...

was the cake blue inside as well?


thenewstead6 said...

No! it was alternate layers of plain lemon sponge, and chocolate chip chocolate spong - eg I made 2 square cakes and then cut them into quarters to stack up for the cake (originally I had hoped it would stand up!)

me said...

love the photos Ann.
How's Roarke doing ? xxx

Callum's World said...

Love the cake Ann, we had a tardis cake a few years back for Callum. You think it will be easy to do, but it isn't as easy as you think is it? hehe.

And eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!! I forgot Roarke's birthday. Oooops, slapped wrists for me next time he sees me!

dawny said...

what a lovely birthday cake and gorgeous photos !! xx