Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

Growing in my garden at the moment:

Yellow beetroot (I've also got ordinary beetroot growing but they aren't as big)Thyme - this plant is from my original bought some 10 years ago and split and taken with me in three house moves!

Sweet Cherry Tomatoes (I have two other varieties to come yet)Summer cabbages

Mixed salad leaves (sown by Josh)
Two rows of carrots that were sown second, but in trays (I know you aren't meant to do that, but we did in our gardening club - and they survived transplanting!). I have another two rows that are just poking through the surface - having been sown direct into the soil about 5 weeks agoRocket
Early potatoes

Sweet PeppersMint (in a pot, otherwise it takes over everything!)

Brocolli (with chives planted between the rows in order to help keep away pests)
Window sill chilli peppers (background) and basil (foreground). The basil germinated in 2 days!


Clare said...

Wow! Looks amazing. I have veggie garden envy :) gave just started mine (new house) - Freecycle coming up trumps for seeds and plants and things.

Tracy said...

Love your garden pictures. So much promise in those little seeds. Your pasta dish looked good too.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hello Newstead6, ooo, I'm the first to comment!! Your herbs look impressive, I'm dabbling in that too this year, I tend to kill plants usually, so fingers crossed. Have looked for an email link but can't find one, this is cheeky, but would you mind emailing me at: piginthekitchen@hotmail.com ?! I've a couple of questions to ask you...now that sounds mysterious doesn't it?!