Monday, June 07, 2010

More Birthdays!

Jonathan is three! How did that happen? Doesn't seem that long ago...

He had said that what he wanted for his birthday was "party hats, balloons and biscuits". When asked what he wanted as a present he said "a bouncy ball". For his cake, he wanted "Peppa Pig" and when I asked whether he wanted Peppa or George he said "all of them". So...

We tried to accomodate this...

He came downstairs to find balloons and party hats in the front room.

Here he is modelling them whilst still in his pyjamas!

Bless - I think if we'd have left it at that he would have thought he'd had a good birthday.

Next he went in to open his cards and presents. All his brothers had made him cards.

He opened each one carefully and went over every single detail of each one, so happily, it was beautiful.

He also opened his presents - a bouncy ball, and a box of four Peppa Pig puzzles.

A lesson for us all: he was so happy just with those simple presents - which were, after all, what he wanted - that you would have thought he'd been given the world.

We managed to get him dressed - and persuade him to leave the party hats behind - and went off to church.

As he is now three he moved up from creche into "ROCK Stars" which is the Sunday School for 3-5 year olds at our church.

We were a bit nervous as to how he would do as he of course has no experience of anything structured, but by all accounts it was great.

He watched some cartoons with William first whilst everyone was arriving. Then they had songs - and he got points for jumping up and down in the jumping-up-and-down song (!), then a game (which he played alongside William) and then happily went upstairs to their own section (whilst the 5+ stay downstairs).

He took part well, and sat down and was quiet when needed to listen to the story. The lady who was on the team said that the only way in which he stood out was "by being so very cute" which just about sums Jonathan up!

We got back home and got all his food sorted out.

About three quarters of the food was gluten free as one of our other guests was gluten free too.

I'd made gingerbread men (the "biscuits" he wanted), little cakes, chicken, potato and bacon salad, sausages, fruit, salad - from the garden!! - and of course his cake.

This is a scene from one of his favourite Peppa Pig books (we got the lot from the Muller Stars promotion earlier in the year).

"Sports Day" - where Rebecca Rabbit wins the race and Peppa and Suzie come last because they have been chatting!

Ok it was a bit of a cheat cake but in my defence we'd been out with friends all Saturday afternoon. I'd baked the cake at 9am in the morning but hadn't got a chance to ice it until 9.30pm! By that time I must admit I quite worn out..

Still, when Jonathan saw it he said "wow" and told me it was the best birthday cake ever and "I love my cake!" so that was alright :-)

At night, when I put him to bed, after we read stories I turn the light out and he then asks for a "Jonathan story" which is where I have to make up a story about him.

Last night though he said he was going to tell ME a story and instead of being about "beautiful Jonathan" it was going to be about "beautiful mummy".

This was his story:

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful mummy. One day she went to a birthday party. The birthday man came and made balloons and party hats and lots of food, then he went back to his cave.

They all sang happy birthday and had lots of fun.

The End"

Then I said that he would be having another party tomorrow.

Jonathan: "and my friends will sing happy birthday Jonathan"

Me "yes Jonathan, they will"

Jonathan: "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jonathan, happy birthday to you. Goodnight Mummy!"

And he turned over with a HUGE smile on his face and pulled the covers up around himself.

I went downstairs with tears in my eyes, thanking God that my special lad had a special day.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't believe that Jonathan is 3! Lots of luck with your new Pampered Chef business.


Freya's Staff said...

I have tears in my eyes too now!