Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nearly back to "normal"

Silly me for thinking the workload would ease once the site was live! Yeesh!

Anyway, websites aside, it has been a good week.

The boys are very much into Runescape now and I'm glad to see that it *is* proving to be stimulating. I like the fact that Josh is hooking up with so many of his HE mates online in it too.

This weekend he has been at a drama workshop at the Secombe Theatre. This afternoon we'll go to see the "show" that the kids will have put on. He went off to it really happy, even though it is miles away, no one he knows there, dropped off and collected, it was a 6 hour day for him yesterday and an 8 hour today!

He has also been asked if he wants to take place in a youth production with the SAVVY Theatre's Young Company so he's applied today. Awesome!

Roarke has some huge business plans in the offing that he is working on. Watch this space for when the online booking form goes live for his first, live, life coaching seminar in January!

Josh now has Roarke's old laptop, and we're moving the other pc around today for Samuel. I've now got Roarke's old phone (there's a theme here, isn't there?) as he's got a new one. Though Joshua's phone has died so we need to look at replacing that for his birthday.

We were mightily blessed this week! A friend that we've known for 12 years, since just after he became a Christian, has had a real tough life (before and after becoming a Christian) and we've always tried to be there for him down the years. Well he recently came into money and, to cut a long story short, ended up with two cars so he has GIVEN one to us!

It is a seven seater, a kia sedona, exactly the same year, model etc as the one I wrote off in the floods!

In order to pass on this blessing, we managed to find via some Christian home educators that we know, another family in dire need of a seven seater, so the one that WE were given last year by another Christian home educator (gotta love these Christians!) has now gone to another deserving home and helped a couple with four young children to be mobile again after their car broke down beyond safe repair.

Needless to say the boys are very happy - Samuel in particular loves having "back" the car and we've realised just what a big deal losing that one last year was for him :0(

This week Samuel and William went along to an HE science tutor group for the first time - and LOVED IT! They want to go back which is great. We also got around to go to see some friends who we've recently made in our HE group, and we all had a really really good time over there. I can never stop being amazed at home many women friends I have now, compared to when I was a "school mum" and the odd one out!

Gotta dash.. got to get the boys ready for church on my own as Roarke out taking Josh to Sutton..

PS if you are in a local HE group and it isn't on the map here please use this contact form to tell me and give me ("webteam") the details!


Anonymous said...

Wow, cars all round. Hope you get a break soon xx

Dawny said...

once the site was live. . . . which site Ann, send me the link sweetie, yes i know i'm slow lol
and congrats on the car , hpw brill :) xx

Dawny said...

hiya babes
just letting you know FOC blog page has had a bit of a re vamp :)
d xxx