Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where I Have Been Instead of Blogging

.... well if you've seen the new EO site then you'll know!

This project has taken every scrap of spare time over the past 2 months and more, and has definately taken some of the time that I used to blog.

Other than that, life goes on. Samuel and William have hooked up with a science and maths tutor group for home educators that THEY asked to go to, THEY loved, and THEY want to go back again! Wonders will never cease!

Josh has a new loft bed, and therefore a revamped bedroom more appropriate for a teenager.

Roarke's laptop has gone off for fixing, prompting the purchase of another one which he now has; the idea being that the fixed one, on its return, will go to Josh as a sort of birthday present. Joshua's internet linked pc will therefore go to Samuel, and William gets as his own the non-internet pc that all his learning land cds work on.

Talking of hand me downs, I'm also getting Roarke's phone (he, of course, gets the new one!) so that I am "mobile" again. However, Joshua's mobile has now packed up! ARRGHGHGH!

Jonathan is currently sitting on the dining room table (yes I did say ON) and generally looking cute whilst being a complete little monster.

Last weekend Jonathan was ill (as I managed to update on Facebook) and so was I, yet despite that I catered for the EO trustee meeting (including gluten free/dairy free option), my brother's birthday party (providing the cake), and for a dedication at church (gluten free rolls).

update on Jonathan - he's just got the tv remote and removed the batteries..... that is my cue to go....

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