Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching Up

Running out of hours in the day to blog...

Joshua has started back on his sailing - now on his Level 3 - which has made him very happy. He's also got a new bed, a loft bed, to try and make even more use of the space in his small bedroom. We're making a conscious effort to try and turn it into more of a "teen" room. The room he has was originally my brother's bedroom, then (when Leslie moved out of home) my sitting room, then (when I left home) Dad's office for his charity work, and then (when Leslie left home again to get married) the spare bedroom where my children would sleep when they came up to stay with their Nanny and Grandad. It hasn't really changed colour scheme/style in all that time! So, modernising and stylising going on (slowly).

I enjoyed catching up with some of the mums at sailing that I haven't seen all over the summer, and some of us went for a walk around the outside of Danson Park. We've been talking about ideas for the 10+ kids to do, as they are all getting a bit old for some of the more "play" based activities.

We also had a good old chat about the risks posed to home educators by the Children Missing Education consultation - if you haven't already read up about it, you can do so here.

Roarke went away all over the weekend, which made for a very long weekend for us.

He had a good time though :0)

Today I worked at some stuff with the media guy working for Education Otherwise, then in the afternoon we went off to Monkey Bizz for our regular meet. Seven families there, including one going along for the first time. It was a really good time.

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