Thursday, October 16, 2008

Normal Life

Sshhh! Don't tell anyone... I've shut the door, turned down the phones, the baby is in bed... and I'm going to blog!

I think I'm so busy these days that blogging seems self indulgent and anything about "me" is at the bottom of a very very long list of things to do.

When I first started blogging I had every intention of blogging daily, partly as a writing exercise. Then it became about keeping a record of what we had been up to. As people starting telling me that they read my blog I became conscious of wanting to explain things and go into detail, to help any one considering home education who was reading the blog to see what it was like.

These days however we are so much further along the route of autonomous education that the blog seems "just" a record of our lives - which to my mind is boring! I can't imagine why someone would want to read it, so I struggle to write it.

So, what *have* we been up to in our boring lives?!

Joshua was accepted for the youth production! I've updated the "News" on his website to show the details. He's also on Runescape a lot, and recently has been back on to LEGO digital designer to create some more models.

Samuel is on the pc quite a bit, mainly on Club Penguin or on things like YouTube. Not so sure about YouTube... at least it is mainly looking for things about Dr Who, and he was pleased to find Camp Rock on there...

William loves having a computer to himself, even if it isn't connected to the internet and plays on Stronghold or uses his Learning Land cds. He recently spent an hour on Education City and completed the whole of the year one science section - all with gold stars!

Just wish he was more interested in putting the effort into reading, but I am sitting on my hands (when they aren't covering my mouth) in my attempts to remain true to "autonomy" and not "making" him learn!

Roarke is busy with his January seminar. The information on the 'net should be finished soon so I can show it to you.

He's also had back the DVD for his first short film - there is a lot of his back in it! Oh and his fight scene. Today he is filming for his third short film up in Ilford. He's the one supporting actor to the two main characters.

Me? Er... busy writing websites for Roarke, keeping up with the EO webteam stuff, keeping up with Jonathan - which is a full time job! Grief that child is quick! He is chatting away now, with more and more descernible words. Everything with four legs and furry is a "dog", no fur and it is a "cow" (or 'ow as he calls it). Birds are all ducks (understandably). Anything with wheels is a car. At night when we go into our bedroom to put him to bed he goes "darrrrkkk"! He also loves going up to people and hugging them, accompanied by either him saying "ahhh" or "'ug"!

Must get more batteries for this blasted camera so that I can put some pictures up.

I am busy organising a firework party for our HE group, which we've done every year since we started home educating. It looks like we'll have a good turnout too.

That's it. That's the most interesting stuff!


Elle said...

Lovely to read your busy catch-up. Elle

Dawny said...

" I can't imagine why someone would want to read it,"
lol because we're nosey Ann and it's nice to h ear how you're doing , it always sounds so busy at yours, makes me realise how slow it is here lol xx

Shirl said...

Never Boring!! ... ;0)

dottyspots said...

I'm not surprised Ann, you're always so busy! I just blog in the chaos ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love hearing about other peoples lives, and I mean ordinary everyday stuff, it makes me feel I can get to know people this way, as I always say, my computer is my social life :)