Monday, October 20, 2008

The life of an actor

You were all so sweet about my blogging, so I'll continue -and remember you only have yourselves to blame!!

We just heard that the short film Roarke was in, Washed Up, got voted 5th (out of 28 entries) in the Public Choice Award of "Languages through Lenses" at the PRIX EUROPA 2008.

Today he had a casting in front of Stephen Poliakoff which is cool.

Actually he has had a busy week. He was filming as one of three cast members in "The Healer", another short film, for three days last week. Then yesterday he drove up to see a friend in Sheffield on his way to Blackburn to stay overinght. Today he was meant to be receiving training ready for a contract he has to deliver training for a major company. However things had gone awry and that was cancelled first thing in the morning! It was after that he got the call about the casting tonight. That meant a six hour journey back to get to the casting with 3 minutes to spare!

An actor's life, huh?!

Back in squaresville it is still about trying to keep Jonathan safe. Having had to resort to putting the dining room chairs on the table during the daytime to stop him climbing, his best feat today was to climb up the back of my computer chair (that I was sitting on, to reach out to climb onto the table, and was finally stopped in the act of trying to get onto the chair ON TOP OF THE TABLE!!!

His words include car, dog, clock, cup, duck, along side his existing ones such as mum and dad.

Last night's dinner was a bit of a disaster cooking-wise. It wasn't that it was badly cooked, just didn't work really. To cap it all William took so long to eat his that he went to warm it up - only to drop the whole thing on the floor. If I didn't know better I'd think he did it on purpose..

He magnanimously agreed to eat a pear "as I didn't have any dinner"...

I really must get around to chasing up the diagnosis process which has definately ground to a halt. They obviously meant it when they implied he was "underdeveloped" and don't seem to intend to follow it up until he is older.

Oh, by the way, EO now have an official Facebook group and official Page now, so go along and join the group and become a Fan of the page.

Pretty please!

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Dawny said...

I'm looking forward for Roarke to get famous, it'd be sooo good for you all :-)