Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Mention His Age

Roarke continues to cover the UK by car this week, driving down to Newton Abbot today to a prison; they let him out again though, so that was ok!

He's still not home bless him :0( and tomorrow he's got to be Mr Motivator Trainer for a bunch of salesmen... I just want him to explain what the plastic brain in the training gear is for!

Josh was taken out to lunch today by his Nan as an early celebration for his birthday on Thursday when he will be 12+1. Whilst she did that, I took the others down to Monkey Bizz for our regular gathering.

Some new faces, which was lovely. I always enjoy the chance to chat with other home educators and as always HUGE thanks to Sheila for voluntarily spending some time with Jonathan in the baby section so that I could actually sit down and chat. Some friends just are beyond value.

Back home, and I took a call from a new home educator. I always am so happy to be able to bring reassurance, explanation, information and stuff to families but I get oh so emotional and angry when I hear the stories beyond their decisions.... especially today with a teen being very badly bullied over many years. Having been bullied for 4 years at secondary school myself, I know just how devastating it is and so every time it breaks my heart.

Josh had asked for a new mobile for his birthday; the one his Dad gave him (his cast off) last birthday gave up the ghost a month or so back. The thought of a 12+1 without a phone in today's world I guess seems unreasonable so I was pleased to have got him a really decent one off of eBay for not very much money. It arrived today so I gave it to him early. He's such a darling, that when he found that the phone Jonathan ruined of mine still allowed him to receive and make calls, he said "its ok mum I can use this one as my phone" even though half the functions don't work, the light doesn't switch off, and it is 4 years old. There was no way I could let him do that - I know he said it because he knows money is very tight but this young man is so amazing, so special, that I want to give him the world. A phone that is at least this years, and in A1 nick off of eBay is the least we could give him.

He made no fuss at missing his rehearsal today so that the other two could still go to Monkey Bizz, as his Dad was off working and we couldn't get him to Sutton, which I felt awful about. He really is a star.

Well Roarke is just back so I'm off to find out how you train salesmen on a new technical product using dating cards, marbles, a plastic brain and poker chips....


Dawny said...

Happy birthday Josh :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Josh, what a sta he is

xXx-Shirley-xXx said...

I feel for those families too when I hear what they've been through.

Happy Birthday Josh! ... :0)