Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Week

I've survived Joshua's 12+1 birthday week (by the way, in case you wonder, not mentioning his age has nothing to do with superstition and everything to do with denial about being old enough to have a teenager!)

He had a good week. He got taken out to lunch by his Nan, went out for a chinese with the family on his actual birthday, went to the cinema with some of his friends on Friday, had ANOTHER chinese (take away) that evening, and had presents spread out over three days.

Mainly books; what else do you get when you are too old for toys?! He got a mobile phone as well, so that has made him happy.
William is on Stronghold most of the time. However, when his older brothers are out of the way he tends to wander in and watch Cbeebies with Jonathan (or today with my nephew when he was over). Then he gets interested in things like Fun with Phonics. He has also been watching one of his favourite programmes again thanks to BT Vision - Little Einsteins. Jonathan loves it too - it has his favourite element MUSIC! It is very sweet to watch him patting his lap in time with the characters.
Jonathan's favourite is definately Igglepiggle though and, depsite myself, I'm learning all the songs of the show! He now has his very own snuggly Igglepiggle, a Night Garden rucksack, and today's addition of a pair of Igglepiggle slippers! It is worth it when you see his face light up when he sees them.
I managed to get my camera working today so I thought I could post some new pictures of Jonathan. Unfortunately he wouldn't sit still! This is the best of a bad bunch:

Roarke has his filming date for Patient17. He hasn't got anything else lined up after that, so I guess he'll be "resting" ;0)

Samuel has had a lot of gluten over this past week and today it seemed to hit. It is a shame as he is so desperate for it to not matter anymore.

On a hopefully positive note, I tried a dairy challenge with Jonathan at lunch and he didn't appear to have a reaction - certainly not something noticeable like before.

Ooooo - does this mean I can eat CHEESE again?!!!!! Just in time for Christmas?!!!!

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