Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick!

If you aren't linked up to me on Facebook, then you might not know that my absence over the past week has been due to the whole family having some kind of winter vomiting virus. If you are on my friend list, you will have seen graphic updates!

Sunday night Jonathan became ill, as did my mother. He got worse during the day, and was amazingly sick in our bed during the night (the old change-the-sheets-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine!). Tuesday I came down with it - and then Roarke headed off to be away for three days on business!

By dinner time Joshua was also ill.

Wednesday William looked unwell but got extremely, violently angry with me when I wouldn't let him go to our next door neighbour's house to play with the granddaughter, in case he passed it on.

"BUT I'M NOT SICK!" he kept screaming at the top of his voice, in between screaming "I HATE YOU!".

Two hours later he was also comprehensively sick everywhere! This time it was the bedroom carpet, and all his clothes...

Samuel kept eating merrily away, very happy that he wasn't ill.

I went to bed at 8.15 that night, really ill myself, leaving my 13 and my 10 year old up!

10 year old, who had even had supper, came up to bed at 9pm. At 11pm he was spectacularly sick everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Poor kid woke up and thought he had to get to the toilet. So he ran from his room, across the landing, to the toilet. Whilst projectile vomiting.

After having had chicken and rice for dinner.

I know, too much information, but really this is ALL I've been dealing with all week! I have scrubbed walls, floors, carpets, he even managed to hit a toy box and so found THAT full as well... FOUR TIMES we've scrubbed the hall carpet. And I can still smell it.

I'm seriously considering getting a new carpet...

Jonathan stayed ill the longest. At one point I was having flashbacks to William's meningitus scare when he was 6 weeks old, because Jonathan was floppy, listless, crying feebly all day. Fortunately he has recovered and is almost back to himself - about 80% today.

The only other things that happened this week was Josh going to see STOMP today with the group he is doing the play with. They got to meet the cast afterwards which was cool.

Also, we got Josh a subscription to World of Warcraft for his birthday and tonight, after 2 days of downloading patches, he finally got on the game.

I doubt we'll ever see him come out of his room again!


Dawny said...

awwww how awful for you all :-(
I hope you're all feeling much better now , I bet the smell will still haunt you even when it'a gone. Poor you (((hugs))) to you all. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds so horrible, I know the feeling (tho thankfully we've not had that virus for a couple of yrs)

I remember spending a whole night just changing sheets, running both washing machines and driers and going round with rubber gloves and disinfectant. It wasn't worth lying down in between one child being sick and cleaned up and the next one. .

Hope you are all much better soon.

Elle said...

Gosh how terrible - glad everyone's on the mend now. Elle