Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poorly Baby Again

Poor old Jonathan can't seem to shake whatever this is. Off to the doctor tomorrow for us as he has taken another turn for the worse :0( He hasn't eaten properly for 9 days, didn't sleep last night (I sat up on the sofa the entire night with him), and has slept on an off, cried on and off, and been listless all day...

He is noticably losing weight too.

Everyone else has recovered now, though each of us had a minor set back a few days after recovering - either the way the bug works or the results of us all being around others who are ill before our immune systems have recovered fully.

Sunday we had a family over for "high tea" which made a nice change, though as usual I over catered - made worse by my lot not eating as much as usual! Anyone for courgette cake?!

Yesterday I had to take Josh to an audition. I really REALLY didn't want to leave Jonathan with Mum, but Roarke was filming his bit for Patient17 in Essex and as it was the first audition Josh has got, I also really REALLY didn't want to let him down. So, despite my personal hang up about tubes, we took a trip out to the Harrow campus of the University of Westminster, where the audition was.

Josh was not fazed AT ALL by the audition! Took it so casually - once again, this is a testament to home ed. He felt it went well, which is the most important thing.

Today I was in London as part of an EO delegation meeting with the House of Lords Minister for Children, Schools and Families. Should be stuff on the campaign site about it soon. I hated leaving Jonathan again, though at least Roarke was around for all but the last 2 hours of it, and I didn't make the decision to still go until 1/2 hr before my train. Jonathan at that point was fairly happy and looked ok, but by the time I got back tonight around 5.30 he was back poorly. He's done nothing but doze on my shoulder since, and is now on Roarke whilst I try to get a few emails cleared down.


Dawny said...

poor little man , i hope he;'s better soon , hugs xx

Elle said...

Hope little'un gets on the mend quickly. Elle