Sunday, November 09, 2008

Firework Party

The good news is that Jonathan is almost recovered. Turned out he'd got a secondary infection from his cold and had ear infections and a chest infection :0(

He's now on the mend. I can tell that because all I can hear from my Mum's living room is "Jonathan, NO!" and I've had to put the dining room chairs back on the table to stop him climbing on it.

At the moment, I have high hopes for improved sleep. He always sleeps longer in bed with me than in his cot bed. No surprise really. Having had colic from birth and sleeping in my arms for the first 7 or so months of his life, that is what he associates with comfort. So I finally got around to buying him a pillow, and got down one of our spare single duvets. A nice Bob the Builder duvet set made it all cheeful for him. The moment he saw the pillow he grabbed it, laid down and said "ahhhh"!!

Last night was the first night with it, and he slept 2 hrs, 1 1/2 hrs, 2 1/2, 3 hrs, then 2 hrs - the best sleep he's had for many many months. He looked very cute and snuggly in it!

Joshua is working hard on his auditions - five hours of rehearsals this week. He's been offered a place on the team next term which he is very pleased about. I managed to find my way over to Sutton to take him to his Thursday rehearsal which I was relieved about. I took Jonathan to get him out the house and so as not to leave him with Mum again and he enjoyed the ride over. He didn't enjoy the 55 minutes journey back in traffic though and screamed most of the way. I had him in the front with me to try and cheer him up, and had his window down between rain showers - so everytime the car stopped in traffic all heads were turning to see where the horrendous screaming was coming from! I tried to look like a calm caring mum...

Friday was a big day. During the day there was the regular hall gathering in Hayes, then in the evening we hosted here a fireworks party for our home ed group.

In the end we had 63 adults and children present! Each family gave £2 towards fireworks and thanks to some donations, and the buy one get one free offers on everywhere, we had £120 of fireworks to let off.

Everyone chipped in to bring some food, and I provided jacket potatoes and chilli. Along with a choice of beans or cheese, and some extra crudites/dips, bread and soup, it seemed a good enough spread for everyone. A cup of cocoa after the fireworks finished the evening off.

I really enjoyed it - even though I only saw 4 fireworks as Jonathan was NOT impressed with his house being taken over...

Lots of people helped on the night, and Jane worked hard in the kitchen washing up (we had plastic plates, cups and cutlery to keep the washing down), and Henrietta's children were fabulous helpers in getting the floor cleaned up after the food.

I enjoyed X Factor yesterday (saddo that I am) and I thought for once that the public got it right (in other words they agreed with me, lol). I really like Daniel and hope he does well. I want Rachel to win though!

Today we had a lunch guest which was pleasant, and now Roarke has gone off to stay overight in Portsmouth for some work there tomorrow. Just thinking if I deserve a treat... the Co-op is calling...

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Anonymous said...

You all sound horrendeously busy, it's good to hear Jonathan is on the mend.