Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here, there and everywhere.

Roarke has been away most of this week. He's been in Portsmouth, Welwyn Garden City, Milton Keynes, Birmingham... today he's been in London on the first day of what is hopefully five days filming on Dominic Savage's new drama for BBC 2, "Freefall". I'm waiting to hear from him now!

Josh has been rehearsing - another 7 hours this week. Getting him to and from the rehearsals has meant a lot of juggling around, and Mum having the other kids in the gaps between Roarke and I getting in/going out. When he isn't rehearsing, he's on World of Warcraft.

Samuel and William are therefore together a lot more, and this is going reasonably well. William has done some more stuff on Education City and has been asking about his letters. He was proud to show me that he could recite the alphabet - but it soon became obvious when asking him to point to them, that he couldn't actually recognise which letter was which of the ones he had just said. Still, it is all his own self directed learning, so I think he's doing really well.

I met a new home educator this week who came around for a chat about their contact from their LA.

Jonathan seems to have discovered eating this week. You know I've had problems from the start, well now he won't STOP eating! Slice of toast and marmite at 8am. Bowl of cereal (dry) at 9am. Packet of Organix carrot and corriander sticks at 10am. Lunch at 12. Breastmilk at 2. He woke at 4 and immediately he came downstairs he picked up a toy bowl and went and stood at the kitchen stair gate pointing at the cupboard! He had his dinner at 4.40, including pudding, and asked still for more. He then had two home made cookies, then climbed up next to Mum eating her dinner and pestered her for stuff off her plate. Then he ate an apple rice cake. Then he hassled Mum for some of her orange!

Also...... yesterday we gave him a fromage frais at lunch - and there was no reaction. I did the same again today at lunch and nothing. No difference in his colic (which has been bad again).

I'm now wondering if he is suffering heartburn and/or reflux, hence wanting to eat little and often. It will be interesting to see if eating like this eases the symptoms.

But........ it means I can eat CHEESE again for the first time in 14 months! I'd better not go mad on it or the weight I lost will all pile back on. Mind you, its nearly Christmas, so being able to eat almost normally might well prove my downfall...

Mustn't count chickens though, but it is looking hopeful!


Anonymous said...

It sounds very hectic at your house :) I feel loads better for giving up dairy so please do be careful as I know I end up quite poorly if I attempt some now

silverjaime said...

Hi there - 'Freefall' you say? I'd be very interested to hear how Roarke (Hubby?) gets on there - I'm an acquaintance of one of the principal actors. I hear there's a lot of improvisation and he's not fond of that! Also - where are they filming? I'm in Ireland and I'm imagining a huge office block in the City of London but I suppose it could just as easily be a warehouse in Ealing!
Please let me know the biz (if you wouldn't mind!)