Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Outings, Journeys, and More TV

Just as I think it can't get any busier...

Monday we enjoyed a lovely home ed trip to the Natural History Museum, organised by Veronique. Roarke went off with Samuel and William to do the Dino Scientists self guided session. Meanwhile Jonathan had very fortunately gone to sleep in the pushchair and proceded to sleep for an hour which meant Joshua and I got to potter around the downstairs exhibits on our own in relative peace.

The boys all did marvellously. Instead of being the chore that it often is, with Samuel and William having meltdowns and getting bored, they got thoroughly engrossed in what they were doing and learning which was brilliant. Samuel also coped really well on the underground which he hates.

All in all it was a lovely trip out.

On Tuesday Roarke was off early, for a six oclock start filming. In the morning I popped over with Jonathan to meet with another Mum from church. Back for a frantic lunch, then I took Samuel and William to Monkey Bizz in Chatham. It was really busy with lots of new faces which was really good. I had a chat with a few people who had turned up with questions for me, then we left early to get back here. I dropped those two off, collected Joshua (Mum had Jonathan) and drove him to Sutton in time (just) for his rehearsal.

I had to stay there for two hours, before bringing him back home. Fortunately Roarke had got in about 45 minutes previously.

Today I had Sheila and Callum up for a visit, which is always a highlight for me. A lady from Channel 5 turned up then at 11 to film for this short piece. Blimey, her camera was NOT kind to me! I know its meant to add "pounds" but this looks more like millions... time for the diet books to be dusted off...

In the afternoon a lovely lady came over with her 7 month old to discuss home education. Sheila and I both enjoyed chatting with her, and my boys were interested in her baby - a girl, which is a novelty to them!

Tomorrow I've got to take Josh to his rehearsals again. This is the three hour session so I will drive there, drop him, drive home, be home for 1 hour, then leave and drive back to get him and bring him home - about 3 1/2 hours in the car :0(

Roarke is NOT enjoying being an extra! All his other things have been supporting roles, minor roles etc. This is the first actual extras part and involves sitting around all day doing nothing, other than a few bits of filming now and again, and being treated like the furniture. Still, at least its the BBC...

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Denise said...

You look great :) Extra busy as always.