Saturday, November 22, 2008

A slightly quieter end to the week

Thursday was a relatively quiet day. I cancelled all our other plans for the day, and just had to face taking Joshua over to his second rehearsal of the week in the afternoon. Fortunately Roarke got back from filming in London in time to go and collect Josh, so I didn't have to sit around/find something to do in Wallington for 3 hours!

Friday was our regular meeting at the rugby club in Hayes. It was Christmas decoration making time, and if the amount of glitter, sticky stuff, and confetti on the floor was anything to go by, the kids all had a great time!

New faces there again, and Rosie celebrating her 12th birthday, all contributed to a lovely atmosphere as usual.

Joshua then went bowling with Rosie and some others in the afternoon. Roarke had his private tutee (is that a word?!) around, and the lad's mum had to bring her other son with her so she stayed and chatted with us whilst the younger son had a chance to play with Samuel and William. That cheered them up, from not having gone bowling!

Roarke having been back early, we took the chance to actually relax together in the evening, which was lovely.

Today he started filming a lot later, so it was time for some household jobs in the morning, including searching through bags of clothes in the loft to find the next size up for William. I found myself looking through the bag of maternity clothes and feeling very, very sad that I won't need to wear them ever again :0(

Then lunch. I made some gluten free, casein free potato waffles which were a real hit. I served mine with CHEESE which was very tasty! Amazing how after 17 months not having dairy I keep finding myself avoiding eating it out of habit!

This is the recipe that I used. (You can easily use dairy products in place of the non-dairy, and ordinary flour etc).

GF CF Potato Waffles

6 oz mashed potatoes
2 fl oz warmed soy/rice milk
6 tsps gf flour
1 oz melted Pure marg
salt and pepper
2 eggs beaten

Beat potatoes with milk, flour and melted Pure until smooth. Add salt and pepper and beaten eggs, mix together and dollop 3 tablespoons into preheated wafflemaker. Cook according to how golden you like yours.

I found the mixture made four waffles.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am going to try that waffle recipe, thank you.

Poppy said...

Just to let you know that I've 'tagged' you, details of it are on my blog.

Don't worry about joining in if you don't want to it's just a bit of fun after all.