Monday, July 02, 2007

What is it with me and puddles?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, will remember the escapade with the sink hole in August last year.

Well, today I bettered that..

I had left the house to pop into Leek to get some bits for dinner. I'd just fed Jonathan and, needing a break (which all breastfeeding mums in particular will identify with!) I'd decided to go on my own. It's only 4 miles away.

As I left, it started to thunder.

A few miles down the road, it started to rain.

By the time I crawled into Leek, the roads were like streams.

Very scary.

In the Co-op, they had a power cut whilst I was in there. Definately not encouraging.

I'm not a new driver, and I'm quite knowledgeable and experienced about stuff, so I knew the dangers of driving in such conditions. But I was still scared.

Going through my mind was the fact that I had a breastfed baby waiting for me to return - and needing me back within another hour and a half maximum. So I didn't feel I could sit the rain out.

I headed back. And then there was a cloud burst.

Driving very slow, wipers on full, just praying I'd manage the drive safely.

Round the corner, down the hill (can you guess where this is going?). Bottom of the hill I could see the road was starting to flood. I decided to try it - I could almost hear Jonathan crying in my mind - as I saw another car, then a van and lorry get through.

Remembering all that I'd ever heard my Dad say about such conditions, I decided to risk it, waiting for the next lorry - as their momentum was pushing the water part way up the hill each time from their bow wave, thus momentarily lowering the water level at the deepest part of the dip.

The science was valid. However, what I didn't realise was that the water was rising, and by the time I'd made my calculations, phoned Roarke to warn him, and then tried it, the water was a foot deeper (I later learnt).

The banks burst/overflowed - and the car engine flooded. Within seconds the water started pouring in under the door seal. I was NOT happy!

I wouldn't have tried it if it hadn't been for Jonathan.

Fortunately some decent blokes came wading out to me - worried that I had kids in the car. They tied a rope on and pulled me by hand out of the deepest bit then someone with a land rover towed me some where safe off the road. He also helped get the stuff out the car and drove me back. What a hero!

Thewater, by the way, was still rising. By the time we left the scene it was about up to chest height! Not as bad as many thousands are dealing with - at least I'm now safe and its only the car not a house that is ruined. My heart goes out to those affected by the floods.

So now we are stranded in Staffordshire. No car. Insurance trying to say its not covered. Not sure how/if the car can be fixed (especially as it is an automatic which you are not meant to tow...).

Other than that, we've been having a good time!

ps anyone able to give us a tow home?!!


Emma said...

Oh Ann, that sounds really scary!
I'm just glad you're alright but it's brought you a difficult, and I'm sure stressful, situation to deal with.
Not what you need right now.
We've got a tow bar but are nowhere near Staffs...

dottyspots said...

(((Ann))) that must've been really frightening!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh how scary for you. Hope that you feel better now. Jenny