Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where Was I?!

Oh wow, just realised just how big the gap has been since I last posted!

Can't believe that Jonathan is now 3 1/2 weeks old. I just don't know where all that time has gone.

We've had him at the osteopath twice now for his colic. The first session made quite a difference, but I must be honest and say I haven't noticed the same change from the second time.

So it looks like we'll just have to ride it out. What I eat/drink doesn't, noticably, seem to make any difference either.

I hope wherever you are, you have not suffered with the floods? We have had a tiny glimpse of how bad it has been, as we are currently house sitting for an HEer who is at HESFES, and on our drive up here (Staffordshire) we have seen many rivers that have burst their banks.

The provision of this house, at short notice, has been a real blessing. Whilst we said to the boys that we are not, as such, "on holiday", it is a change of scenery for us all. It also gives us some vital privacy, which has been missing since we moved into Mum's last year.

We didn't have a holiday last year, naturally, and being here has made us very aware of the need to get away.

The boys are doing well. Joshua is still writing his story, and has been getting on with a number of his own initiatives. Samuel has reacted again to the full/new moon cycle (still can't get my scientific mind around why this should make a difference, but circumstantial evidence continues to support it!). However, when we packed to come away here, to my amazement I heard him searching for, and then packing, a number of "learning" books to bring away! Of course, whether or not he actually uses them this week will be another matter, but I still found it encouraging!

William is still struggling with the changes that come from not being the youngest, and from not being as old as the other two (and so often being left out of their games/conversations), and with the natural stage of development that comes around this age (5).

He had a good birthday though - I'll post pictures when I'm home, but we had some 24 children and 10 adults at his birthday "do", courtesy of so many of his friends from our HE group who took the trouble to come along to help him celebrate. Many brought food or drink, which was so sweet of them.

I found to my horror that I wasn't quite as ready to be a "hostess" as I thought, with a 2 week old baby, and I felt a bit panicky at one point. But everyone was really understanding, and we all piled up to the park after everyone had eaten, and let the kids run around (funnily enough, it was "too cold" for them to go into our garden to play - as I'd intended - but not "too cold" for them to go to the park.. lol!). That reduced my claustrophobia considerably!

Anyway, that was just a brief update. Little lad is waking now for another feed, so I'll have to sign off again till later.

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Emma said...

Wow, you were ambitious doing a party just a fortnight after having Jonathan! Good for you though and I'm glad it all went well.

Time seems to fly really quickly and I'm sure the more children you have, the quicker they seem to grow!

I hope that Jonathan's colic soon goes and that your evenings become a little more peaceful.

Take care Ann. x