Saturday, June 16, 2007

sleep? what's that?!

Definately struggling to find time to blog on top of everything else! Ah well, I'm sure it will all sort out soon....!

Jonathan is lovely, of course. He weighed in today, at ten days old, having put on 11 ounces in those 10 days (he never lost weight, just put straight on!). This is encouraging, especially as I am breastfeeding exclusively on demand. He also has colic :0( which is not so good (though not as bad as Joshua had it).

I'd forgotten just how distressing it is to watch them suffer :0(

We are planning to get him to an osteopath for that, as we sent Joshua there once we'd heard about it, and it was that we are convinced that cleared it up.

Can't resist posting some more pictures:

The other lads are all slowly adjusting. I guess it is different this time around for us all, being at home together (including Roarke) all day every day with each other. So yes, there are some tough moments, especially when I'm so tired, but I think the family is doing really well.

Joshua has been writing more of his story, and the bird watching is still going on. Last night all three boys were out there watching no less than seven parakeets fighting to get onto the peanuts. I'd only just topped them up, and they got through nearly a quarter of the full feeder by the time they'd finished!

Glad to see some green finches and a bull finch in the garden too.

I love watching these new interests develop in the boys.

Can't believe that William will be five in a few weeks! I must dig out the baby photos of the other boys so you can see how alike they have all been.

Well, that's my cue to go - the distant cry of a hungry little chap filtering up the stairs (just about audible over the sound of Samuel and William competing to sign to him to stop him crying, and Joshua telling them all to be quiet because he's trying to listen to the television..... )


IndigoShirl said...

Awwwww, he's so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried giving up dairy products - I have friends who found this worked for them when their babies had colic. Not an easy thing to do tho.

Emma said...

Aw, poor Jonathan having colic :-(
Poor you too, as I agree it's horrid to watch them in pain. Hopefully he'll soon grow out of it or the osteopath will do the trick.
It's been different for us too, all being at home together (although DH going back to work put us back into our usual routine) but I so much prefer it than having to run the others off to school/preschool. I love having all four home together and know it'll form a very unique bond between them.
They have all individually got so much out of being at home with F and it's nice for me to have someone there if he cries while I'm busy! ;-)

Hope you're feeling well Ann and getting a certain amount of decent sleep, which always makes such a difference.

Hope Roarke enjoys his fathers day with his four sons. x

Zenmomma said...

I just happened on your blog through the unschooling ring. Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful.

Dawniy said...

he's gorgeous babes :) bug hugs from us all :)