Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Radio Five - Again

In case you haven't seen this yet, in cyber-home-education-land, here's a "heads up" to listen to Radio Five on Sunday, as well as the invitation to put your view in now:

Dear Five Live Listener,

Thanks for emailing us after the discussion we had between Tony Mooneyand Fiona Nicholson on home education on the Julian Worrickerprogramme in May. We've had lots of emails with a wide variety ofviews. So the Five Live Report is doing a follow-up report for thisSunday's Worricker programme between 11 and 11.30am and again between12 and 12.30pm (July 8th).

The author and broadcaster, Janey Lee Grace, home educates her fourchildren and has been investigating why so many parents are choosingto home school their children and why some people are calling fortighter regulation and monitoring of home education.

We'll be taking texts and emails as normal and would also like to tryand take some phone calls from listeners. If you'd like tocontribute, you can text during the show on 85058 or uk. Or send me and my colleague, Richard McIlroy, the phone number we could contact you on Sunday morning.

We're especially to hear from home educators who have opinions on thegovernment's current consultation on guidelines for home education andalso anyone who was home educated and either loved or hated it; andteachers/inspectors who think home education needs closer monitoring.

We can't make promises about who we'll be able to get on the programmebut we're keen to squeeze on as many views as possible.

Kind regards,
Lissa Cook
Senior Producer,
All Out Productions
0161 834 9955

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