Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunny Days

Well, the pavlovas turned out alright, thankfully, and were all eaten up at the wedding by all accounts (Roarke was a wine waiter that evening).

Phew, its been a hot week, hasn't it?

Tuesday saw the Third Annual South East Beach Day for Home Educators, organised by yours truly. I think I may have missed some, but I counted 27 families in the end, with over 70 individuals between those families. Not bad! We had 14 last year, and 12 the first year so I was very pleased to see so many there.

We had a sign, kindly painted by Sheila, that said UK Home Educators, and it seemed to help everyone find us:

We spent 6 hours there ourselves, first there, but not the last to leave. All the feedback we've had has been positive, which is great. Same time, same place next year then!

Not much has been going on otherwise with the heat. Yesterday and today of course Roarke was away filming in Botany Bay. Filming "Washed Up" for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, commissioned by the European Commission. Its scheduled to be shown at Prix Europe, which is cool.

Roarke Alexander in Washed UpHe's the one with the braces in the middle of the photo here, of the cast. Sounds like he had fun (he's not home yet, still on the road on his way) but I've definately missed him.

Yesterday we were invited round to a barbeque with a family from church (not home ed - both parents are teachers!) which was very low key, relaxing. Samuel and William enjoyed the mum turning the house on them to cool down at one point, and Jonathan spent his time climbing UP the baby slide!

He's into boxes at the moment. His favourite is a large ice cream tub that he can just fit two feet into, or he puts it on his head, or sits on it. But he also likes cardboard boxes

Strange child!

Well, Masterchef is on, so I'm logging off now!


Shirl said...

So glad to hear the beach day was so successful, roll on next year!

What delicious food on MasterChef, Liz deserved to win, big time.


dawny said...

what a cheeky face there, bless him :-)