Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching Up

Long time no write!

Things have been good, if busy.

William likes the revised Education City site, and it means it is easier for him to work through the sections alone, seeing what he hasn't finished yet, and he has now finished the whole science section.

Samuel has been blogging again, and also continuing with Maths Upgrade. He has also started work on his bullying website and is busy reading my HTML book - this is particularly significant as he hardly ever choses to read anything. Especially "learning"!

Joshua reads a section a day of his Geography syllabus, and we also have the GCSE science coursebook in the toilet (don't laugh!) where we all have got into the habit of reading a page each, er, time...

Jonathan is wonderful, of course. He and Joshua have a test photo shoot for a modelling agency coming up next month, which should be fun!

Roarke has also got some acting work (he was an actor many moons ago, stage actor, and has only recently had the chance to get back into it again) with two days of filming for a European film next week.

This week we had our last indoor play session in Chatham before the summer holidays, and it was good to meet up with a number of new families as well as the old faces (no offence Sheila!).

This morning we met up with Henrietta's older kids at the park near them, which was really good, and this afternoon we met a brand new home educator up at the park by us.

I also made my first pavlova bases today, for someone's wedding at church that I am part of the catering team for. The first one cracked, so we had meringue for pudding tonight ;0)

I'm just about to take the other two out of the oven... I'm too scared to look!


Jenny said...

Mine really like the new style education city. Its spurred Connor on to finish his Year 4 science in order to be in year 5 before he 'should' be a year 5 ;-)He likes the gold stars and I like the automatic setting of exercises!
Thanks so much for writing about it on your blog- I wouldnt have bought into it otherwise!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

hello! i've been and gone to kent...just arrived back in france. maybe next time....!!!

Elle said...

Sounds like you're all having lots of fun. Keep us posted about the modelling. Elle