Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Friday we had our hall meeting. It was blisteringly hot, and after all while the kids started to wander inside the hall instead of playing outside, and a lot of the mums followed too!

It was a nice afternoon though, and good to catch up with people. I especially relish having somewhere "safe" to go through the summer holidays; somewhere that is ours and not full of school kids..

I can't remember what we did on Saturday! I know that on Sunday we went to a barbecue after church, but I had to come away after a while because both Jonathan and I were finding that excessive heat too much.

Yesterday Roarke went up to London to meet a director from the London Film Academy, about another possible role. It was for a non speaking part, but today they rang him up and said they were impressed enough to offer him a speaking role! Only three lines, and his character gets shot (!) and its another short film, but its still good credits to get under his belt.

I can't resist posting this shot from his portfolio, cos I think its great! Very moody!
I'm really proud of him (as you might have guessed!).
Jonathan has his ninth tooth and is cutting his tenth - he always seems to do two at a time. He's proving a very sharp little cookie. Today he wanted to get someone to open the kitchen child gate, so that he could go out through the kitchen to the garden. He made a huge fuss but none of us had the time to take him out.
After a while he went into our front room, and we heard squealing - which he usually does when he can't do something or isn't getting his way. I looked up from where I was baking in the kitchen to see one of our dining room chairs coming out of the front room, being pushed by Jonathan! He was trying to push it over to the gate, and I'm assuming he was thinking he was trying to use it to get over the gate!
He's a pickle!

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Shirl said...

I have to agree on the heat - way too hot for us here too. Great picture of Roarke. Sounds like Jonathan is a very determined little man lol!