Monday, August 04, 2008

A Social Whirl...

Roarke enjoyed the filming - though playing a Russian mob bodyguard in a leather jacket, in last week's excessive heat, apparently wasn't as much fun as it could have been ;0)

He's been forced to have a Facebook account - I think all the "luvvies" have one - so we've been spending some more time than usual on that. If you are on Facebook, look me up! I need more friends!

On Wednesday I had the health visitor over. Poor woman has been trying to get hold of me for ages to do Jonathan's one year check, but I'm always out when she rings. In the afternoon the boys and I went to meet Henrietta and some of the kids, so that the boys could play football. William played beautifully with one of her lads, digging up "ancient" treasure - pottery and "puzzles" from under one of the trees.

Thursday on we had Mhairi and the girls over which was lovely, and Liz (a friend from church) and her daughter Grace. All those girls! I didn't know what to do! William was in his element with so many friends of HIS to play with for once, bless him.

In the afternoon, I had twenty minutes between them leaving and another family visiting to get Jonathan up for an afternoon nap. All in all a busy day! No danger of my lads having "socialisation" issues...

Samuel and William have a new bed, to replace the bunk beds we got recently from Freecycle that creak constantly and keep everyone awake. The bottom bunk is a double, and turns to a futon during the day, so they are very pleased with that.

Yesterday Samuel had a friend over from church, and the four boys together turned the bunks into a galleon, using the bits from their Superfort set. I have to say it looked amazing!

Joshua has signed up for more acting agencies - basically any that Roarke is on that take kids too. I think the two of them are getting just a teeny weeny bit competetive (can't think where Josh gets that from...)

Its all good though, as they are working together on stuff like audition parts, with Roarke helping Joshua learn all about voice projection, confident speaking, and the basics of how to act. Good to see them with something they can share, at this important life stage for Joshua.

Over the weekend we had a visit from Lynda H, who I had to do some work with, and it was just so nice to be face to face with someone I email so often. We were very profesisonal, and managed to get lots done, and Lynda took the chaos of the family in her stride for which I was grateful!

Poor Roarke has a massive gout flare up, and is in agony. So I'm trying to play nurse too at the moment. If I can get him in and out of the doctors quick enough today, we are then due at a park this afternoon with others from the group.

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dawny said...

sounds as busy as ever at yours :)
just thought I'd pop in and send some hugs.