Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hot and Humid

I've had a migraine headache for two days, and today I'm feeling very groggy as it finally clears up.

It's not helped my mood! All in all its been a very tough week.

Roarke is still in a lot of pain, with his whole foot swollen now. It seems as if the swelling of the toe through the gout has somehow contributed to his muscles going out again, from the metatarsel injury that he had before. He definately won't be doing the Triathlon on Saturday, which is a huge disappointment.

On a more positive note, he may have more filming! A part in a tv series - just a one off extra part - but still... I'll let you know if he gets it!

I've been working hard on a lot of EO stuff this week, not easy with a migraine, and the weather hasn't helped because I really don't like it when it is humid. The storm last night was a relief in many ways.

Monday afternoon, as I mentioned in my post that day, we went to the park, meeting three other HE families from our group at Shorne Country Park. I really enjoyed it, finding the three women who were there very easy to talk to and get on with, and the intermitent light showers seemed to add to the fun; having no coats with us (shame on me!) we kept huddling under the plastic backed picnic rug every time it rained! The boys thought it was great fun.

On Tuesday I had a frantic baking session - breads rolls, double chocolate brownies, fairy cakes, and a fruit cake! Why? Well, in the morning Joshua and Samuel went to the cinema for the birthday of a lad in our group. Whilst they were out, William had round his new friend - an 88 year old lady that he befriended at a church barbeque recently! Bless him!

She was so delighted to have an invite out, only getting out three times a week (all church activities) and she is totally smitten with him. He just loves people, and someone willing to sit and listen to every word he says, and pay him 100% attention, is his idea of a perfect friend.

We sat in Mum's living room, which gave her a chance too of some adult company.

After we took the lady home, we collected the others from the cinema and all went back to the house for a small birthday party. In the rain. In a gazebo! Again, the boys seemed to find this added to the experience! Poor Roarke was very unwell, with the tablets making him so drowsy that, because he had to drive (we took both cars to help out with running kids back to the party from the cinema) he couldn't take them. This left him in a lot of pain poor thing and by the time we left he had really had enough.

Yesterday we had Grace and the boys over for a while in the afternoon. It was good to catch up with them. Both babies slept through the time they were here, and the older five had a chance to play outside therefore (banned from the house in case they woke the babies!).

Today was a quiet day. The boys have played well mainly upstairs, I've been doing my EO stuff, Roarke has been resting up and getting on with stuff on his laptop, and Jonathan has pottered around being cute.

Roarke has been working on a website to use for his acting stuff, somewhere to direct agencies too. What do you think of this?!

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It's lovely when that happens