Monday, July 17, 2006

On the Beach

Today was the South East Beach Day, dreamt up by me, hosted by UK Home Educators, and held at Joss Bay in Kent.

In all - including late comers - we had 12 families from across London and the south east. They represented 3 different support groups, and in total we had over 40 people!

It was a lovely day - we spent 5 and a half hours together. The children relaxed, made new friends, went rock pooling, built sandcastles - the usual stuff.

The adults relaxed, made new friends, went rock pooling, paddling, dug holes in the sand - the usual stuff!

We all made some useful contacts, learnt something, shared something, and came away the richer for it. I'm really excited about the links between us and the other SE groups, such as FLAGS.

On a personal note, the steroids are beginning to bite for Roarke, and he managed to drive down to the beach with us (taking another family with him that had no transport). However, it was a good job it was 5 and a half hours before he had to drive back, as it meant a) he could rest and b) he could dose himself up with painkillers in the meantime.

The church is standing with us in this health battle, and the prayer support we are receiving is very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Your day at the beach sounds fabulous. I will keep Roarke in my prayers.

Carol said...

Good to see thing going well and that you are making new friends, will be thinking of you and Roarke