Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In the morning on Tuesday we did some follow up work to our Beach Day. Joshua researched crabs on the internet, learning about their habitat, naming the parts etc. The boys both created a rock pool, and looked at the RNLI's Beach Safety site.

William continued his work with Nan. I'm so pleased at how well that is going - he can recognise most numbers written down and some of the letters now, and recognises the sounds well.

From the EO list, came this link for Virtual Hip Surgery. If you are squeamish, don't do it, and don't do it before eating!

In the afternoon, Roarke set up a learning treasure hunt for the boys this morning. He gave them clues that were maths, science, history etc, and leading them around the house until they found the treasure (cake).

They then spent the afternoon secretly creating their own one, for their Dad!

They've had all their books out, workbooks out etc, and worked hard creating great clues. Trouble is, Roarke turned out not to know the answers to most of their questions! Especially the science ones devised by Joshua, and the train ones devised by Samuel!

tee hee!

Not sure what pleases me most - the fun way they have been learning all day, or the fact that they have outsmarted their Dad! I know which they found best!

After tea, we carried on filming their action man movie. This was the first project we started when they came out of school last year. I showed them the basics of filming, cartoons, staging etc. With a mixture of snap-move-snap still photography, and video filming, we spent a month creating a 4 minute film! We put it together using Microsoft Moviemaker, and I had great fun researching sites full of sound effects! It's a shame that it is such a large file as I'd love to upload it for everyone to see - I think it's great!

So guess what I am doing this morning then - putting the pictures together!

This afternoon we have a new HE family coming to meet us, so that should be fun.

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