Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too hot to handle

The hottest July day on record, here in the UK today! Breaking the previous record of 36 °C at Epsom in 1911, as temperatures hit 36.3C (97.3F) near Gatwick Airport. Yes, I know that probably seems amazing to some of my US friends that we struggle so much in that kind of heat, but we really are not used to it. Even some of our roads started melting!

Far too hot to do any serious blogging.

Just to say that we met with a new HE family this afternoon, and all had a great time.

Link discovery of the day - the Food Timeline looks at culinary evolution - answers lots of those questions the kids ask that I can never easily answer! You know the ones - who invented the hot dog, how did "they" discover bread... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I imagine that is *very* hot for the UK!

Lady Liberty said...

I saw on the news yesterday that they had to put sand out because the roads are not made for such temperature. Unbelieveable.