Friday, July 14, 2006


Roarke saw our GP today and she confirmed that she believes he has come down with another bout of sarcoidosis. She has put him straight on the steroids again :0( pending the results of bloods tests.

It's left us with mixed feelings. We were praying that it would not be the sarcoid, as there are so many side effects of the drugs as well as the actual results of the illness itself.

Obviously, being off now for at least two weeks, will reduce the income somewhat.

Not sure if it is connected, but the boys have been quite unsettled today. Or maybe it has been the strong winds. Either way, Samuel has had several aspie meltdowns, and William has had 3 outbursts too!

On a more positive note, my meeting with Bexley LA went well, and that is another connection made.

The boys all sat down to some handwriting practice today, and then some maths from the workbooks that my new homeschooling friend from church has lent me.

Link of the day is actually a US one that I've found very useful - "Spare the Air"

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Carol said...

((hugs)) for the Aspie meltdowns. We find often the kids meltdowns are linked to stress, either ours, theres or something in their environment.
Hope Roarke is feeling better, dont really know much about his condition but it sounds like not much fun.
Thinking of you