Friday, February 15, 2008

Counting Down...

I survived yesterday's er, laxative session.... (*shudder*). Needless to say between that, lack of sleep with Jonathan, and lack of food, I am feeling crap this morning (no pun intended....).

Now I'm sitting here counting down: My procedure is at 2pm, won't be "recovered" maybe till around 5pm, though they have said they have to get me out of recovery asap as baby can't go into the recovery room to be fed - I'll have to be able to go out to him. Hoping he'll yell to give me the excuse to get out quick!

(for those new readers here, I'm seriously phobic about hospitals, plus this procedure and hospital is the same one where my Dad was 2 years ago - then he died 6 weeks later. Not good memories)

Also, Joshua leaves at 4pm (when I won't be here *sob*) to go on his youth weekend - first time away from home other than to stay with relatives.

Speaking as a self-confessed control freak, I have to say that I'm NOT having a good day!


Mieke said...

(((Ann))) Will be thinking of you and wishing you get the support you deserve in the hospital. xxx

Wobblymoo said...

Ann, hope it all went ok xx