Friday, January 13, 2006

Disney daze, duodenal ulcers and paella

Because we cut back on all our tv/internet/phone services after the bill fiasco the other day, we agreed to get the Disney channel package to replace all the kids tv that they had lost.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. However, the children were so pleased to have Disney that they spent from waking till 2.30 watching the tv. I could have turned it off, but I'm trying hard to work with a mainly autonomous learning style. I do also believe they need time to just be kids. At least they watched some more wholesome programs - without adverts!!! - than some of the cartoons and programs that they usually watch (I hate power rangers!).

I must give credit to ds1 though, who still managed (including his blog) to do 1 1/4 hours of learning today. It really shows that he relishes learning - even if he would never admit it!

In the afternoon another HE family popped over. My two eldest were allowed to go to the corner shop with their friend (who is 12) to spend some pocket money.

I don't know how things are with you, but when I was 7 I was allowed out of the house, out of Mum's sight, and could play out all day in charge of my 5 year old neighbour. These days, I struggle to allow my 10 and 8 year old to cross the road in front of the house to go to the shop (in sight of my windows), or to the fish and chip shops. Things are just so much worse these days in terms of both road and personal safety. I know I am stricter than a lot of other Mums - though as I previously noted, I am not so unusual amongst homeschooling families.

In the evening, Mum rang to say that Dad's illness has been diagnosed - he has a duodenal ulcer. Hopefully now we know what is causing all the pain, they can start some treatments. It's a relief to know that it isn't anything even worse than that. Mum is a cancer survivor and I guess we'd all feared the worse, so I thank God that it is something that hopefully is manageable.

Hubby was home in time for us all to share dinner together. He turned vegetarian last year to manage his gout and sarcoidosis, so it is a challenge to me to try and find tasty, exciting vegetarian meals that the whole family are prepared to eat. Tonight I made a form of paella, with tofu, prawns and chickpeas. The boys had some salami added to theirs. It was the first time we'd all had tofu and, except for ds2, we all managed with the new taste. I don't think I'll have it again though!

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