Saturday, January 14, 2006

A loose end

This morning I woke feeling somewhat at a loose end, without really knowing why. Do you have days like that? Feeling a bit out of sorts and not being able to put your finger on why?

I didn't want that to have an effect on the boys, which I knew it would if we stayed in all day together (dh took the car for work). I decided to take the train to visit my parents. Unfortunately, it turned out that our railway station was closed due to engineering works and as such half the journey had to be made by a rail replacement bus. The children found this great fun.

We had a pleasant afternoon at Mum's. I'd taken some science worksheets with us and the boys made me very proud by still being prepared to sit down and do the work at their Nan's. I slipped out for a while, to walk to the post office with a parcel. It was a 45 minute round trip but I realised that I couldn't remember the last time I'd been out for a walk on my own! One of the (only) drawbacks of being a homeschooling mum, I guess.

When dh finished work (he works in the same town as Mum lives) he picked us up and we stopped at McDonalds with the boys. We don't have burgers for dinner at home - only one or two times a year (honestly). The boys understand that going out to the golden arches is a treat, in the sense that it is a rarity, and they made sure that they had fruit for supper before bed.

We phoned some friends on the way home, and they called in once we were home, with a chinese takeout for the adults. Their two girls played with the lads, and they got to stay up late. That's another thing that we are very strict on - bedtimes. My boys go up to bed much earlier than any other children that I know. However, they are up bright every morning which is how I think it should be.

It is now nearly 11 oclock and I too am ready for bed - I'm an early to bed, early to rise sort of person. Still, I'm pleased that I still found the discipline to write this blog. That's now two weeks in a row!

All in all, I managed to tie up the loose end today. I pray that tomorrow will bring a more positive and refreshed attitude.

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