Saturday, February 16, 2008

Glad that is over!

Thank goodness that is over!

The procedure went ok. I managed to feed Jonathan just before I went into prep. Sadly, the sedative didn't work - I've no idea why - and I was fully awake, fully aware, and fully in pain the whole way through!

They topped it up 3 times but it didn't make any difference as far as I could tell.

The gastroscopy was truly awful, but the colonoscopy wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared.

I was out of recovery really quickly and was as glad to see Jonathan as he was to see me!

I felt very drained afterwards; hangover from the stress, plus the lack of food and water. I noticed that my milk was down very noticably in the afternoon/evening so I'm trying to rest up now a bit and build up my supplies again.

The feedback after the procedure was that everything was "clear" and that they had taken about 8 biopsies, the results of which I'll get at an outpatients appointment.

The nurses were very considerate, having been told about Dad, and even made sure I didn't go in the same bed in the recovery ward that Dad had been in when he had it done.

The Dr who had treated Dad recognised me (my face that is, before I went in, lol) and spoke with me, which helped.

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers


Mieke said...

Well done, you. Hope you had a good few hours sleep, or at least rest. xx

Emma said...

So pleased it's over for you now Ann. I remember it well and no, it's not nice! :-(
So sorry the sedative didn't work. I hope your throat won't be too sore tomorrow.

Take care
Emma x

Wobblymoo said...

Sorry the sedative didn't work, I woke during the colonoscopy and it's not nice at all , hope you get the results quickly , nothing worse than waiting for results. My prayers are with you