Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Flies!

Not sure where that week went!

I just about coped with Joshua being away - apart from the lack of contact due to his phone not working! He had a good time, handled it well, came back glad he'd gone - but also glad to be home.

Unfortunately, he seemed to come back with a bug that has worked its way through us all. Two or three days of a headache, unsettled stomach and intestines. Not nice. Josh had it, then Mum, then Jonathan, then me, then William. I'm hoping Roarke and Samuel stay clear!

During the week, we had some home ed friends over (two families on one day) which was really good. They were a couple of ladies that I don't often get a chance to chat with, and I really enjoy their company.

I've been experimenting all week for gf/cf recipes for the weekends catering, so that took up my focus.

The boys have done various things, bits and bobs, but a week of some good games as well.

On Friday I got the shopping in the morning, then met some of the group up the park. The evening was spent baking!

The EO AGM went ok for us, from the point of view of the food. The soups Roarke made seemed well received, and it seemed to be appreciated that they were gluten/dairy free and vegan, and also that we'd supplied gluten/dairy free/vegan bread, cakes and biscuits as well. (Mind you, we left before anyone ate the cakes/biscuits, so I don't know if they went down well, literally!)

Catering, and serving, is something we love doing. I felt a bit cramped by having Jonathan but he was an absolute star and even managed to fall asleep just before service, which was very helpful!

I was disappointed that, although the motion at the EGM got a majority vote, it didn't get the 75% needed of the total votes cast, in order for it to be carried.

Afterwards, we drove home to my brother's for my nephew's 2nd birthday party.

Today Roarke has been carrying on working on his "office". He now has walls, ceiling, and floor finished, and the window. Just the door and electrics now!


dawny said...

wow , busy as ever

you know i was wondering if when you find some recipies you might blog them? we're always after more dairy free stuff.

Shirl said...

I just don't know where you find the energy to fit it all in.

I'd be interested in some dairy free recipes too .... :0)