Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well today was Samuel's "play assessment".

I got to sit in the observation room to watch, alongside the dr, and a trainee psychologist.

Samuel and the main psychologist were in the other room.

It was actually extremely interested, watching him as an observer. I was able to notice so many things, so many huge changes and improvements, since he left school two and a half years ago.

He has grown so much, taken on board so many of the coping mechanisms that his Dad has talked through with him, for social interaction for example, and the natural exhuberance and confidence that he had as a young child shone out.

The doctor had been blown away by the fact that Samuel stood up, shook her hand and introduced himself when she came over to meet us! And watching him, she commented on how very polite, well mannered, and helpful he was.

What a star! Home ed has given Samuel back his personality. I'm really very choked up over this!

What was blindingly obvious was that he was fine talking about objects, making up stories, etc, and managed some eye contact and his body language was relaxed.

But as soon as the questions were about him, and personal ("how do you feel inside when you are happy", "what makes you sad" etc) he turned away from her, he almost curled up, and all his posture and tone showed how uncomfortable he was.

Then I had the diagnostic interview - nearly THREE HOURS!

Very exhausting stuff, but fascinating. Fascinating mainly because her questions made us realise that William is showing so many, many more characteristics than Samuel, both now and comparing him to when Samuel was his age.

At the end, the doctor said it was obvious that Samuel was using coping mechanisms, and that we had all worked really hard, as he was definately "presenting" but in subtle ways.

In two weeks time we get the offiical diagnosis.

By this time, we were running too late to get home for lunch - a real shame as today I am on only chicken and rice in preparation for Friday's procedure. So I missed lunch.

Not a good idea, after a very bad night and little sleep with Jonathan last night, a long day, and all the breastfeeding..

Next was Jonathan's turn, as we took him for his blood tests.

Never nice listening to your baby scream, so the less said about that the better.

This evening I had my lunch and dinner in one go - in theory I don't eat again after 8am tomorrow but as the proceedure isn't until 2pm on Friday, and with the breastfeeding, I will eat lightly at 11 too.

Joshua did a great job this morning playing and focusing on William whilst we were out, and he has been obviously trying hard to be helpful this evening.

Do you know what? Sitting here thinking over my four boys, I must be the proudest woman around. They are beautiful people and I am very blessed to be their Mum.


dawny said...

it will be interesting to hear what they have to say after all of the assessment.
It'll be interesting to hear about your bottom too(poor poor you! ;-) lol xxx
what a busy time - good luck , nearly all done now

Wobblymoo said...

Ugh, what an awful few days, not sure if it's better to have got it all over and done with or if having it spread out might have helped.