Monday, March 23, 2009

Quiet before the storm

The end of the week was fairly quiet - which prepares me for the rest of this week which is manic.

Josh had SAVVY, I had a media interview, we went to see Bromley Council for our housing appointment (which went as well as these things can. Just a waiting process now. Not posting much about it as its all a bit too personal for a public blog if you see what I mean). Roarke was out all day on Saturday at a church conference.

Today someone has kindly taken Josh and Samuel to the teen bowling, so William is on his own. At the moment he's fairly settled, just watching some tv. Its so rare for him to be alone, and he usually hates it, so I'm happy that he's calm about it. This Wednesday I got to get his diagnosis results which may be interesting. One of our big issues with him at the moment is the compulsive face rubbing and lip licking that he is doing which is resulting in huge sore patches, little scabs and marks :0(

Jonathan continues to amuse us all (I've just spent an amusing 5 minutes getting him down off of Samuel's high sleeper which he'd climbed up onto before I could stop him - he was meant to be going into his own bed!). His vocabularly is so wide and growing so quickly that I've given up trying to count or track it! He's putting words together now in short sentences, mainly by adding "please" to things he wants (to make it a request). His word of the moment is "funny"!

Mother's day was quiet. Roarke was working so I took the kids to church (which was fab, by the way).

I'm glad to have a working oven again, and have celebrated by baking bread, cheese scones, and meatloaf! Tonight its home made chicken tikka.

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Shirley said...

Sounds like some lovely cooking going on in your new oven! ... :0)