Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One extreme to another

I'm not sure where the past week has gone, but it seems to have flown by.

The low-light was definately the visit by Graham Badman to our home ed group. I found it quite disheartening to see him in that environment seemingly missing the WHOLE POINT of it all. When we've had reporters come there to meet with us, they have all been impressed by the kids, by the parents, by the whole atmosphere. Now I'm not saying he didn't think those things - he did say that the kids were "doing you proud" when I dragged him away from talking to the teens - but on the whole I just didn't feel the same "wow" reaction that we usually get.

Because our kids ARE amazing. They are so confident, so relaxed. He said he thought that a similar bunch of schooled kids would be reacting the same to him - I disagree. Totally. I said they would be talking to him because they were being made not, not because they'd want to, and again he disagreed.

*shrug* Sorry. I just don't think he really SAW.

Anyway, enough of that. To balance that a fabulous day was had today. Someone suggested a trip to Danson Park for a picnic as the weather was so good. We had at least 10 families there (I think I counted them all) with at least 18 kids between us ranging in age from 21 months to 14 years. We had quite a few in the 12+ bracket and it was so very very good to see all those teens getting on, playing, letting their hair down, roller blading/skating, running around and generally hanging.

Sorry Mr Badman but THAT isn't so usually these days, amongst a bunch of teenagers. Especially to be comfortably mixed male and female.

The adults all had a good natter, put the world to rights (especially Mr Badman et al!), caught up, and generally hung out too.

The weather was ideal. All in all a very good day to be out and about and revelling in the freedom of self expression and freedom from constraints that home education brings.

I've taken lots of calls this week about home ed. At least 4 new families taking their kids out. I've also had a few tough cases which I've been involved in.

We got the car fixed in time to take Josh to SAVVY on Thursday which was a huge blessing. Its good to be back on the road again ;0) It also meant we could get to Fun Drum on Tuesday with the home ed group. One of the teens in the group is a fabulous artist, and was there with her younger brother. Whilst she sat around she was tracing out some great designs and kindly did one for me. I love colouring in! That's another good thing about HE - it allows me to be a kid again! No one thought I was mad to be sitting there colouring in, as an adult.

I do love the fact that home ed parents are non-judgemental, just like the kids.

On Sunday the cooker broke in the middle of Mum trying to roast her dinner, and just before I put my chicken in, so we've had a week of stove-top meals. I've made no-bake cookies, baked a cake in the breadmaker, and generally dusted off some recipes. I can recommend Sainsburys Pork and Mustard Stew from their Meals for a Fiver range - it was very tasty! Also we've done home made meatballs simmered in tomato sauce (Jamie Oliver - but in the stock pot rather than the oven!), home made falafels in sweet and sour sauce, and of course pasta.

I'm looking forward to my roast chicken though, eventually, once we get the new cooker on Friday!

On Friday Roarke and I are also off to the Council to see about rehousing us...

Sunday Roarke and I got told off in M&S by a complete stranger, and told to "behave, children!" as we were larking around by the wine... seems no one on my Facebook page was surprised by that announcement!

Jonathan is such a delight to be around. He is so into his imaginary play, with any little figures he can find. He feeds them, puts them to bed (and takes them to bed in the afternoon!), puts them in and out of toy cars. Such fun. His thing of taking up to bed whatever he is playing with at the time has led to some strange bed fellows this week, including a piece of wooden train track, cars, lego people, and he even tried to take his sit on train upstairs!

His vocabularly is huge, with him repeating most words now after he is told them, and I have lost count of the range. He's adding at least 5 a day it seems.

Unfortunately though he is very colicky again and I don't know why. I've had two horrendous nights in a row out of him, with him waking every 30-40 minutes screaming. Tired is an understatement.

Well, its been a lovely if long and tiring day, and it is nice that the boys are still outside playing in the failing light.

Roll on the summer.


Shirl said...

Shame about GB not getting home ed, but I'm not surprised.

Good luck with the council rehousing you!

thenewstead6 said...

Thanks Shirl. He's at Worcestershire today...

As for the rehousing, it is exciting and scary. Exciting to think about having my own house again (as opposed to living at Mum's) but scared as to where they might house us, and whether they will accomodate the boys' need to have separate rooms.