Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry its been so long

Someone has pointed out how long it is since I last blogged so I thought I'd better show my face!

Family life, plus EO stuff, and most significantly the home education review have really taken every moment of time. I manage to update my Facebook status, but that tends to be it. I'm so far behind on other stuff that its getting silly. I keep flagging up emails that I need to "do something" with and all that happens is I've got 200+ red flags in my inbox now!

Josh has had two castings, one of which was at least a paid casting, even though he hasn't got any work yet. Roarke had some filming this week with Outcast TV and also has a sideline project for presenting for a company at the Ideal Home Exhibition (companies often use actors/actresses for things like the Ideal Home as they need people who can learn a script and deliver it again and again every time a group gets in front of their stand!).

Josh starts back with the SAVVY Youth Theatre tomorrow which he is very happy about! Actually he's quite happy anyway - he went away with his church youth group at the weekend and has come back BUZZING!

Jonathan had his blood test yesterday for the allergies/intolerances. Poor thing screamed so hard at being held tightly for the blood test (didn't scream at the needle though!) that he has little red spots all over his face from burst blood vessels :0(

I spent an uncomfortable 12 1/2 hours just gone, as I'd woken in the night to find I was totally deaf in one ear, and losing my hearing in the other one! I got an emergency doctors appointment to make sure it wasn't an ear infection and thankfully it was just the onset of a weird head cold with my ears having got completely blocked.

During the past two weeks the home ed review stuff has been manic, including being part of the EO team that met with Graham Badman. It was good to see over 2100 responses to the home ed questionnaire. If only I truly believed it would make a difference, and thought that our views would be listened too...

I've been doing the Wii Fit every day for 3 weeks, though I must admit I've been too busy in the past few days. I've decided I'm never going to lose weight, but at least I can be fit(er)! My challenge is to beat Roarke on the free jogging - he's first with 1033 and I'm second with 9833!

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Anonymous said...

You were probably very run down, it's hard to find the right balance at times like this:(