Thursday, February 26, 2009

I really need a clone!

This is just proving to be a daft week.

On Tuesday I had a media meeting in London to discuss a possible programme on home education with a production company. I then had to rush back to take Jonathan to his blood appointment - I had 15 minutes between getting in and going out again!

I had chance once we got home to catch up on some emails and stuff whilst he slept, then I did dinner for the boys as Roarke and I were out on a church course (with dinner) in the evening.

Yesterday I had that emergency drs appointment, then I went off to church women's meeting (arriving an hour late). I then came straight back home for a late lunch and then we had a family come around who are fairly new to home education and have just joined our group. The mum and I chatted whilst Josh and her son played on the wii.

Afterwards I took Roarke to the college for his tutoring group, came back home to do dinner, then back to doctors to get my ear syringed (yuk yuk yuk!). I had just a short while before going back to collect Roarke... then I had dinner!

Today I've already taken Roarke to work, Jonathan to the dietician, baked two loaves, roasted a chicken (ready for doing cheesy chicken pasta for dinner tonight), then I'm off in an hour to take Josh to his youth theatre, back home via collecting Roarke from work so that I can get the dinner and then he's going back to get Josh!

Tomorrow I will be doing the weekly shop between 9am-10am, back to sort lunch then collecting a friend and off to our fortnightly hall gathering in Bromley. After that, I'll be getting Roarke from work so he can come home for lunch and swap over to take the car. He'll take our friend back to the station and Mum will have the boys whilst I head off up to London for an EO Government Policy Group meeting. Roarke will have to leave work sharp to come back for his private tuturing thing, and I have no idea what time I'll be home.

Has anyone managed a successful home ed science experiment for making a clone?!!!

Autonomous home ed newsflash - William has started "reading" again with his Nan. The "" are there because actually I am sure it is only guess work on his part (he waits for his Nan to sound the first letter or mime the word before he says it...) but at least he is showing some interest. He's also today asked to go on Education City and spent an hour on the math section. He has now completed math, literacy, and science with top marks for every game within it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know, but if there was you wouldn't be unique :)