Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snow, Castings, and Other Stuff

Well the snow has hung around for us. Despite it raining on and off for most of the week, most of the snow persisted other than on the main roads, and then last night we had a few hours of snow again. It then froze overnight so I've just been out hacking ice away from the drive to try and keep it clear.

Roarke managed to get to his rearranged casting, and then had a second audition during the week. We are living on tenterhooks now as he has been pencilled in, one of only 2 or 3 we think, for the first one that he went for. He should know Monday. If he gets it, he has to fly to Europe for filming for a day!!

Joshua also got a casting call this week, for a new CBBC drama. He is there now, even as I type this, gulp! It would be cool to get his first thing, and good for his confidence of course, but... who knows. He's very new to all this.

This morning I had the next stage of William's diagnosis process. We had the observed play session. Sitting watching was just as odd a feeling as when I went with Samuel. Some of the behaviours were funny to observe - like when the SALT said "shall we play with these now?" and he said "Nah, I'm not really interested in that" but as I said to the psychologist, those are the sorts of things that make parenting a challenge on a day after day basis, when the child will NOT do anything that he doesn't want to do, including learn to read, behave, eat up or whatever.

They thought William was very cute. He was asked who his best friends were:

"er, my family"


"because if I didn't have them who would I be with? I'd be on the street"

He was asked what makes him happy.

"lots of things"

such as?

"I dunno really. I don't know what my brothers do, but they do stuff and it makes me happy"

The lady was almost in tears at how cute that sounded! I explained we were a very close family..

Anyway, they said at the end that it was almost definate that he'd come out with Aspergers (full blown as it were, rather than "mild" like Samuel) as he exhibited "classic" signs, as well as a few things they hadn't come across before (!). Just need to wait for the next stage now.


Anonymous said...

I hope the audition went ok, I guess if you want to go down that route you have to get used to the disappointments but it's hard to see your children go through those, we've had a couple here.

Sheila said...

Glad the diagnosis system went well, you know what I mean. You did say that you thought William was worse than Samuel. Good luck to Josh re CBBC job, that sounds fab. And to Roarke too! See you soon hun.

Deb said...

LOL at some of William's answers!