Monday, February 02, 2009


It has all been about snow today! Jonathan played in snow for the first time last night - we went out late in the evening and had a quick play in the dark. He was sooo cute.
Today the boys spent many hours outside. We had 6 inches of snow by 9am, and now (coming up to 5) it is 10inches plus all over the garden. It is still snowing too.

I've made three snowmen (one on top of the car, one down the side of the house on the public verge, and one on our garden table - I've got a bit of thing about snowmen!) and had a sneaky play out there under cover of "just tidying the boys' toys away" several times...

See pictures for details...

the back garden:
the shallowest part of the snow at 9am:
the trampoline:the boys with my snowman (second of three made today by me!):my little cute eskimo:making the snowman:the view up the road:

at 9am the deepest snow was 8 inches. As I write this it is now 10 inches+:My eldest and youngest, both looking scrummy:

My snowman:


Vicki said...

What a lovely white snowman. We made one but he was a bit mucky.


Sheila said...

Love your snowman, complete with hair. I made one down on the field when took Draco out. I put hair on too - weird!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, what snow should be about too.