Saturday, December 13, 2008

Castings and Flu

Only two themes to the week really!

Jonathan had his first ever casting on Tuesday. It went well but he didn't get it. Still, first one under our belt so... Roarke had two castings. One was quite exciting as it was for one of THE biggest cult show currently on tv and involved him knowing details of a certain Easter Special....

However, over and above all that (and partly a reason why I don't think the poor guy will have got either role) is that Roarke saw the dr this week and was told he has flu (the real deal, not man flu!) as well as a chest infection. He's been really really unwell with it and is barely responding to the antibiotics :0(

Now Jonathan has gone down with a virus, I started getting ill yesterday, and this evening poor Joshua is rough.

A highlight of the week was some home ed friends coming over during the week who we hadn't seen for ages, as well as meeting a (new to us) family on Monday, with a teen that "clicked" with Josh.

Tomorrow we have a family Christmas day, as Mum is cooking "Christmas dinner" for us and for my brother and his family. I think my lot will be sitting in the corner with masks on, clutching hot water bottles!


Dawny said...

awww poor Roarke , hope you aren't all starting with the same thing.
hope you had a good day, does that mean you have 2 Christmas days?

Denise said...

Ooo, intriguing, they are all good experience anyway. Hope Roarke feels better soon x