Sunday, December 07, 2008

Festive and Family Fun

One of the highlights of the week has had to be our home ed Christmas party!

The venue was the rugby club, that one of our members has links with and where we meet fortnightly. Debs and helpers had decorated the hall, and set out drinks and nibbles. Everyone brought their own "party" food.

The entertainment was brilliantly provided by Keri, one of our mums, who is a children's entertainer. She was amazing, and got lots of the kids - and even some of the parents - involved in dancing, games, and general fun.

Photos will follow once I can get them off my mobile phone ;0)

The other highlight was going to see Jack & The Beanstalk at Greenwich Theatre, courtesy of a lovely friend and business partner of Roarke's.

It was the first panto that the boys had been to and they loved it. Jonathan was brilliant - he was totally enthralled by the singing and dancing, and joined in dancing in the aisles (literally!). He clapped after everything, and by the end of it was even going "boooo" when the baddie was on stage! Considering it meant keeping (relatively) still and (relatively) quiet for two hours I think he did really well.

Poor old Joshua and Roarke both looked longingly at the stage and I could tell that they were wishing they were on the stage rather than watching it!

We'd been out (Roarke and I) for breakfast whilst getting a top secret super surprise Christmas present, and we'd taken the boys out for lunch, then we had the panto and to round it off I did gf pizza for the boys, and cakes, for dinner. Over the past few weeks I've been picking up any chinese type thing that I could see in the reduced-to-clear section of the supermarket, which meant that Roarke and I could therefore round off a lovely day with an array of yummy snacky bits without feeling massively guilty that we'd spent lots of money!

Today Jonathan and I stayed home whilst the others went to church, and had a nice play. We've realised now that if he sleeps in the afternoon he doesn't go to bed until about 10, so now we encourage him to sleep late morning. To that end, I took him out in the pram and went down to the high street to get a few more Christmas bits, and so he got the chance to sleep for 50 minutes.

The exciting news is.... Jonathan has his first audition! Tuesday morning I need to take him up town for an audition - he of course is totally obliviously to it all and I am really stressing and nervous!

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Elle said...

I too still look longingly at the stage wishing I was performing rather than watching. Unfortunately the love of the stage hasn't passed on to either of my two - not yet anyway (although Ben could easily be a stand-up comedian!).

Hope the audition went well.