Tuesday, September 02, 2008

another week

Oops! Another week gone...

Last week I attended a meeting with DCSF, on behalf of Education Otherwise. It was an exhausting meeting - and all the preparation to it - but worth it.

On a personal note, it meant a whole 5 hours away from Jonathan; longest I've left him previously was 2 hours. Roarke had him all day and he was very good for his Dad, which was a relief. It felt very odd being "me" instead of being mum, or wife, etc. Wierd, but good.

William got going on his "year 1" level maths on Education City, and just whizzed through it all without any hassle. Maths is definately his "thing". Samuel is up to multiplying fractions, LCDs and the such like on the maths upgrade.

Joshua has his photo shoot on Thursday this week. We are all going as they want a couple of family shots, in case they have work offered for a whole family. Samuel and William would love to do the modelling but Samuel knows he couldn't cope (and we know William is too unstable to be in such a commitment) so the family opportunity might mean they at least get a chance to do something.

On Monday 8th September BBC London are doing a feature on home education on their evening news show (6.30 show). They are filming our HE group on that day, and this week two teens - including Josh - are getting the chance to do a video diary. Great stuff for the kids, and Josh is really chuffed as he's always wanted to do something like this. He wants to video the kids going to school over the road so we had a chat - not just about privacy laws (!) but also about not making comments that could be taken as negative against school kids. After all, its not their fault they are in school!

We have had some nice trips out, like the one this week to Shorne Park with two other HE families. All of us with at least one aspie kid, it was so good because not only do all our kids seem to really gell, but so do the three mums!

Roarke has got a part in a proper feature film, that he auditioned for a few weeks ago. Not sure how big the part is, but its a speaking role, as a prosecutor in a court case, and the case is a major part of the film... its a deferred payment one, so he gets paid if it is successful. Don't knock it - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was a deferred payment film!

Jonathan now has 12 teeth, can climb the bookcase, push chairs around the front room to climb on to reach all the stuff put out of his reach, has broken my mobile phone (a mixture of eating it and dropping it), waves at the tv if anyone says goodbye or hello, and now walks around to kiss everyone in turn when you tell him its time for bed!

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Dawny said...

Roarke going to be famous then? how exciting to even be involved in a film.
just popping in and waving to you all :o)
how grown up Jonathan is now - doesn't time fly?