Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

Been too busy to blog over the past week, but here is a catchup post!

On Monday we went to High Elms with our HE group. Sheila came up from the Medway, which was brilliant, as it gave her another chance to meet with more of the group from up here. Tracey and the kids came up too - which pleased William and him and Jamie have a "tool box" obession in common!

We had a few rain showers, so we put the picnic blankets under the tree and sat under there till each shower passed - very British.

A lovely family came over to meet us, with their 3 month old baby, to discuss home education. We had a really really good chat, and they were great company.

Roarke was in Ely all day on EO finance group/trustee stuff. His foot had been a lot easier..

Tuesday was exciting. We took Jonathan and Joshua up to a London modelling agency for their test/audition shoot. It was fun, and Jonathan was suitably cute and precocious, running riot around the office and studio melting hearts! Josh was complimented on his attitude and confidnece, which was brill. When we said it was down to HE the photographer said some of their models could do with "some home education" in that case!

Unfortunately Roarke's gout flared back up, big time, and he's on 4 lots of medication to try and bring it back down again.

There's been some good learning going on during the week, both on their fixed stuff (maths upgrade, Education City, and the like) and also on extra stuff.

Samuel has been having huge problems with his behaviour (as I think I've mentioned) recently. But in discussion with some parents on the HESP list (my lifeline!) we are testing out the theory that it might be down to switching to full fat milk, instead of semi - as it is noted both for leaky gut and the autism/gfcf diet point of view it is "worse" to have full fat. As his behaviour changed matched exactly to the day (after) we changed the milk, we have switched back and we'll see.

Samuel and I had a discussion about the gfcf diet as he was upset to think he might have to give up cheese. But I've told him I'd let it be his decision and we'd just continue what we've always done which is just limiting the dairy he has.

On Saturday Joshua heard that he'd been accepted to the agency - he was soooo chuffed and I'm very proud of him. Now we have to think about whether or not to take up - they are a sole agency, and they are one that has an annual fee so, although they are one of the top ones (I've been checking them all out) its still a tough decision.

Yesterday we went to Tracey's (Josh stayed home) and the boys had a brilliant time.


Stef and Dawny said...

wow soon to be a famous little man then - excellent :-)

ps HESP list - which list? any lifelines are welcome here ;-)

thenewstead6 said...

Its for the Home Educating Children with Special Needs list. Great bunch. xx