Friday, September 05, 2008

Star Struck Family

On Wednesday Roarke and I were so busy, and feeling so behind on everything, that we timetabled our day to the minute. We agreed who was working and who had the kids for every moment of the day, and set aside enough time for each of us to achieve a large amount of work.

Needless to say, the phone rang for Roarke, the media rang for me, I took EO enquiries (going up already with the start of a new school year...) and generally the timetable went out the window. However, we both DID achieve a lot so that was the main thing.

Yesterday was busy in other ways. In the morning a courier turned up with a digital camera for Joshua to film his video diary of a day in the life of a home ed kid (for the feature on Monday's BBC London evening news - watch it if you can or watch online!).

He had something cool to film, as we set out to go for his photo shoot for the modelling agency, for his portfolio.

Want to see the results? Well check out the website that I wrote for him when we got back! Let me know what you think of the site! And his photos!

The boys bought a new computer game whilst we were out (we took all the boys so that they felt treated, and also because the agency wanted a family photo in case they get family work in). It is one where you design, build and then run your own hotel. As both William and Samuel have a big "thing" about owning their own restaurants one day, this is keeping them more than occupied! Apparently its the best game ever :0)

Josh bought a key stage three text guide to The Tempest. Ok not as fun as a game but hey he's the one who wants to be an actor!

Today Josh passed the camera onto someone else in the group to film a second video diary. We've got the reporter here on Monday filming families from our group and doing some interviews.

Jonathan also had his photos done today for the agency. We didn't pay the agency rates, but used a great guy in our church who offered to do them for less. I've just GOT to post two of the photos:

Well I'd give him work, wouldn't you?!

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The Mom said...

He is soooo like Roarke in that first picture (Jonathan I mean)

Josh's website looks amazing. Glad none of mine have been bitten by the acting/modelling bug - yet! Tho I have a couple of girls who want to be Celine Dion . .