Sunday, June 29, 2008

Start of the Holiday

Friday morning Joshua had the last of his Level 2 Kayaking course, and the kids all got presented with their certificates, and had their log books updated to show they'd passed their level 2 sailing as well.

I'm really proud of him.

Over the summer the kids who were doing level 1 kayaking are doing their level 2 on an intensive course, plus taking their 1 and 2 sailing. This means comes September we'll have two groups all ready to take their level 3s together. This is proving a great opportunity for lots of the kids and I personally think its really cool!

By the time Roarke got back with Josh I had almost finishing flapping, I mean packing, and we loaded up and set off.

As I "twittered", it took us 2 hours to get 67 miles - not good at any time with kids in the car, but especially not when 2 of them are Aspies! (not to mention the stressed Mum...)

Still, after that, it got better and we actually made good time getting here.

We stopped in Congleton to have a meal - and were served by a young lady who had moved to live there from just around the corner to us back in Orpington!
"Small world"...
(feel free to hum "its a small world after all" at this point)

Yesterday we got up fairly leisurely, and went off to Rudyard Lake.

We took the little steam train from the car park up to the end of the line/lake, then back to get off to go to the Cafe.

After a light lunch we took the train back to the car park. A magical mystery tour ensued, with us ending up finally in Leek to top up on some shopping.
We then headed out to find the canal. We got to the Bosley Locks where we sat and waited for a boat to go through. After about 10 minutes one obliged.

The owners were glad of the boys' help to open all the gates - so much so that they invited them on board to go through the rest of the locks!
A really good opportunity, that has set everyone off thinking about canal holidays...

Instead of eating out, as the boys (and me!) were worried about missing Dr Who (yes I know, sad), we got a take away and sat down to watch the penultimate episode of the series.

This morning Roarke has gone off to collect our friend, and his fellow Trustee, Fiona, from the station so that we can spend a few hours with her - a mixture of EO business and pleasure.

Joshua is doing his very own Springwatch, as he's found a housemartin nest under the eaves, with babies, and is currently timing the feeds. Samuel and William are, I think, exploring the undergrowth, and Jonathan has (finally) dozed off so I put him in the pram so that I can write this.

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