Thursday, July 03, 2008

The End of the Holiday!

Sunday continued to be pleasant. After we'd made an admirable effort with our EO work that we'd set ourselves to do, we rewarded ourselves with a walk.

This meant going through a field of some kind of crop - wish I knew enough to know what it was! - and me being grateful for the three wheeler pram!

We set off amidst showers and walked back taking off coats and cardies as the sun came out again in force.

Our evening meal didn't turn out quite so good. We went back to somewhere we enjoyed last year and, I don't know if there were new kitchen staff, but the food was not very well cooked or presented, and was hugely over priced :0(

The effects of Samuel having had gluten all holiday were showing hugely. We had been weak and had allowed him to have what he wanted, feeling to restrict him wasn't in the holiday spirit. However, as the days went on it became obvious that this was a bad, short sighted decision. He got his facial tics back, repetetive movements, repetetive speach, not to mention the outburst and meltdowns. Poor thing.

Monday we set off for Tittesworth Reservoir. The boys enjoyed playing in the park (not in the rain like last year when we were there), then we had lunch in the cafe.

I felt like a grumpy old woman, moaning at the menu - which had taken the trouble (impressive on the surface) to show which foods were gluten free, and which were dairy free. However, when they showed jacket potato with cheese and beans as "dairy free" and the chicken salad "served with bloomer" as gluten free.... I lost interest!

Next stop was some rocks up by The Roaches. Jonathan obliged by falling asleep on the way there, so I sat in the silence in the car, windows wound down, listening to the birds (er, I know I said silence, but you KNOW what I meant!) and admiring the view over the valley (between dozing off) whilst Roarke climbed the hill with the boys.

In the afternoon we stopped by another HE family who live up that way. It was good to chat, but in the hour or so we were there William managed to fall against a radiator and get a scalp wound - and BOY do those bleed! There was some serious panicking until we managed to wash the blood out of his hair and actually see the size of the wound! He recovered - only to go into the (stone floored...) kitchen and drop his glass of coke! Don't know that they'll invite us again!

In the evening we tried a different pub, one that we'd found on an internet search. The food was better - London style portions, London style menu and sadly London style prices! It cost more than the previous night!
Tuesday we decided to go somewhere new (as the holiday so far had been a rerun of last years - without the floods). We set off for Jodrell Bank and had a fascinating time. Josh and I did one of the 3D movies too. (I was glad to hear today that it has been saved)

In the evening we decided to go back to the place we went on Friday for our first meal, and had a fabulous, well cooked, nicely served, well priced meal - we all decided to eat there every day NEXT year!

The journey home on Wednesday went ok, with us missing the rain that had been threatened. 5 hours again, door to door, with only one stop this time.


Shirl said...

Great photos, glad you all enjoyed your holiday.

Anonymous said...

It's hard when we feel that some of this food is a treat, I still do it, I'm sure other parents do. Try not to beat yourself up about it.