Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm soooo tired!

This morning Jonathan woke us about 7.30am. As soon as Roarke got out of bed he said that his foot was hurting. By the time he'd made it down the stairs it was REALLY hurting. I knew this, because he went and got some painkillers without my suggesting it - not normal behaviour!

With his history of gout etc, although the pain didn't seem usual for gout, he phoned the GP. By that time his foot was going red, and starting to swell so she said to go to A&E.

That meant getting the boys their breakfast quick, then popping Jonathan (and Joshua to help) into the car and driving him to the hospital. I got him in, got him settled and went to the cafe to get him some coffee (as he couldn't walk unaided by this point).

Back home. Made gluten free cakes for the boys, gluten/dairy/egg etc free biscuits for Jonathan and myself. Made a packed lunch. Drove the boys to a home edders house in the Medway (about a 35 minute drive) where some of the teens had got together.

We had lunch, the boys played on the Wii, the trampoline, and then some of them did some archery lessons. Jonathan explored the garden and patio. We all agreed this beat being school mums (and dads) hands down, and the kids definately didn't look like they were missing out on socialisation ;0)

Took a phone call from Roarke (finally!) to hear that the problem was that he has torn the ligaments between his metatarsals, presumably as a result of his shoes not providing sufficient supporting during his training. We later found out, during an internet search, that he was possibly prone to this due to having "mallet toes". This may mean that he can't take part in the triathlon as he may not recover in time. I hope he does recover, as he will be so terribly disappointed - even depressed - if he can't do it.

Late afternoon we left the Medway, drove home, got dinner for the boys, rushed out to the shops to get something for myself, then back to catch up on my emails, and have now just driven Roarke out to the Alpha course he is taking a guest to at a local restaurant.

Is it bedtime yet?!

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Wobblymoo said...

Oh no, what a shame , I really hope he recovers quickly